Simple suggestions on how to write a research paper summary

Students are often tasked with writing research papers on a particular subject and one of the components that needs to be included is a summary. Before you can start writing the summary, however, you will need to finish your paper.

Why the need for a summary?

The summary of your paper needs to offer a precise and brief idea regarding the contents of the document. It is for this reason that you should not attempt to finish the summary before you are finished with the main paper. Even if you have completed gathering information, you will be required to wait as there are several parts that will be unused and the summary is not the right portion to introduce new details.

Go through your report

One of the most effective methods of drafting a summary for your paper is to review the whole report. As you read it, try highlighting the core ideas. You can simplify the process by including sufficient number of headings and subheadings in the paper. When you are choosing the information to include in your summary, you have to limit every point to the central idea. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot more information than what is needed for the summary and become confused.

Nature of the summary

  • Writing your paper summary is going to be similar to writing a report.
  • Choose all the extracted points and prepare a document that has a proper beginning, middle as well as an end.
  • The beginning of the summary must introduce the subject matter and the way you plan to expand on it. Make sure that you are clear about your approach since it will help your readers understand what they can expect from your paper.
  • The middle section of the summary will host the main points that you will be using to support your argument. These points need to be organised in sequence as per your report.
  • Towards the end of your summary, you will need to sum up any and all conclusions that are reached in the course of your paper.

Additional points

When writing the summary, it is important to note that brevity is extremely important. Too much information may cause your readers to lose their motivation to go through the whole paper. Moreover, you should avoid using any terms that need to be explained or defined since this could unnecessarily increase the length of your research paper summary.

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